May 10, 2020

natural skincare for younger healthier skin

One of the most overlooked ways is regular, basic facial massage. Just like the rest of your body, facial muscles require exercises to keep you looking younger. Regular facial massage is an essential part to healthy skin as it will help enhance your appearance as well as slowing the ageing process.


  • Encourages detoxification:

Regular facial massage will encourage skin cells to turn over more rapidly, which results in reduction of puffiness and inflammation, increases radiance, thus creating more optimum skin health.

  • Increase circulations:

By increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow to the facial muscles and skin, the face is less likely to fall into deep wrinkles or show signs of physical and/or emotional stress.

  • Natural Face-lift:

Stimulating the face muscles with regular massages increases blood flow to the area which encourages the production of collagen. Collagen is the support system that keeps the skin firm, supple and elastic.

  • Relieves tension:

Help relief stress, which is the second highest contributing factor (sun damage being the first) to premature ageing. Also, when the muscles on your face tense up, they are likely to harbour wrinkles which is why it is important to massage them out regularly.

At Florette Skincare, we know how important it is to regularly massage your face and so we purposely incorporate it into your skincare routine through our Purifying Oil Cleanser. All it takes is 1-2mins per day to relax!


  1. Apply a few pumps of cleansing oil onto your fingertips and rub evenly to distribute over fingertips.
  2. Start from the bottom of your face and massage upwards to the cheek area (we tend to hold the most stress on the bottom of our face near our cheeks and jawline, so helping to release the tension here will detoxify and relax your skin).
  3. As you work your way upwards, use just your ring fingers to massage the eye area. Start on the eyebrows and go around and down, holding and dragging your finger until they're released near the corners of your eyes.
  4. Once you reach your forehead, try tapping in an upward motion to promote blood circulation and cell turnover in that area.

“ In a world full of worry and stress, an environment filled with pollution and toxic chemicals, we need to take time out of our days to care for ourselves. Think of having a facial as a "quality of life" tool and use it to your benefit. Take time out for yourself and you'll have more to give to your family, your friends, your career and all of the things most loved about life” – Laura Smith

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