Our Founder

Hi, my name is Belinda and I am the founder of Florette Skincare.

My natural skincare journey started with a bump. As a new mum-to-be, I became more conscious of my health, the food I ate and the ingredients I put on my skin, as I didn’t want to risk potentially harming my baby. It was during this time when I discovered that many mainstream cosmetic (including the ones I used at the time), contains harmful synthetic ingredients and cheap fillers which are often toxic. Shocked by this, I stopped using all skincare products throughout my pregnancy.

By neglecting my skin health, it came back with a vengeance after I gave birth. Unhealthy skin topped with the stress of a newborn baby, hormonal fluctuations, lack of sleep, and all the emotional rollercoaster new mums goes through, I essentially had to befriend super dry and sensitive skin, dark circles, dull complexions, and frequent breakouts. All of this affected my confidence and overall wellbeing and so I was determined to find ways to improve my skin conditions.

I began researching into natural alternatives and was sold on the idea that natural skincare can improve my skin health. Sadly after trying so many products on the market all of which claimed to be ‘natural’ and ‘effective’, nothing worked for my hypersensitive skin, and in some cases made it worse! Frustrated by this, I enrolled myself for formal training as a Natural Skincare Formulator and learned to heal my own skin issues- naturally!

After achieving clear healthy skin, I gained back my confidence along with a burning desire to share this with the world.  Florette Skincare was born from my love for natural skincare and my empathy for all those women losing confidence because of their skin issues. Florette means the mythological Roman goddess of flowers- which I chose because I wanted to reconnect my users to the essence of nature.  It is extremely important to me to build a skincare brand every woman can trust to be 100% natural, safe, clean and of course solve their skin issues!

<3 Belinda